Design Concept

A Blue Escape within Nature

The Clement Canopy features three swimming pools, a waterfall spa, two private dining rooms, smart home features and cycling facilities. About 70% of the units have a view towards the landscape and swimming pools and 44% will face towards the West Coast seaview

Nature Welcomes you in every shape & shade of Green

I love the how the undulating river beds & rising trees frames The Clement Canopy, created by award-winning landscape architect EcoPlan Asia, where human and nature lives side by side.

Your Private Function Room

The private dining deck gives a view of nature, while I entertain my guests in comfort.  A cosy get-together where friends envy my new home & watch the water reflect the skies

Create Your Private Sanctuary at The Clement Canopy

At The Clement Canopy, I can choose from a range of unit types that caters to families, couples and individuals alike